Notable Books on Blackjack

Blackjack books give a complete look at what Blackjack really is? How to count cards properly, what is the basic Blackjack Strategy, how to play Blackjack like a pro? These books can give you a full answer on many questions. We discover the greatest books in Blackjack sphere and combined them into one list with descriptions.

Books on Blackjack

  1. Stanford Wong - Basic Blackjack

    The book highlights the basic blackjack strategy and options for almost every hand variation. The book also exposes different blackjack rules such as:

    • No hole card
    • Doubling down on three cards
    • Double exposure
    • Early surrender
    • Splitting
    • Over/under
    • Multiple action

    The book also covers blackjack charts and tables to know, for example, what hands are better to gain if the dealer's one card is faced up.

  2. Stanford Wong - Blackjack Secrets

    Another good book of the same author that explains the basics of card counting systems. The book describes a Hi-Lo system and an experience of how to count cards when playing live at casino.

  3. Peter Griffin - The Theory of Blackjack

    The Theory of Blackjack - is a classic book from the mathematical point of view on basic strategy. The book also exposes a card counting system.

  4. Arnold Snyder - Blackbelt in Blackjack

    Blackbelt in Blackjack highlights a whole course on how to beat blackjack. The original book is a sort of bible for gamblers: rules, strategies for newbies, tips, techniques and more.

  5. Bill Zender - Card Counting for the Casino Executive

    A must have for serious players. The book explains counting systems, bankroll management etc.. Contains blackjack charts for counting systems, cheating techniques.

  6. Edward O. Thorp - Beat the Dealer

    Edward O. Thorp published a groundbreaking book, which explains how to count cards in blackjack. This book was the first one, but not the last one in his lifetime and career. Beat the Dealer have become a starting point for modern card counting strategies and systems. This book definitely outran it's time for many many years.

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