Card Counting

Regarding the way of playing tactically proper Blackjack, Edward Thorp, who set up the groundwork of card counting, published his hypothesis in a volume named 'Beat the Dealer' in 1962.He showed that a card pack was very favorable to a player using mathematical calculation. It received national and international acclaim amongst Blackjack player. At first players made use the hypothesis wrongly.

Thereafter the ideas of 'wonging' came which means playing only after watching when the counting was favorable to the players. Initially the casinos were beaten out heavily and then changed the rules. They were increased and the dealers reshuffled while ¾ of the game was over. Still the Blackjack players are sure that they'll be able to get the better of the dealer though effort was made on limiting this practice.

The Hi-Lo system

This method's the most highly acknowledged and also the most extensively made use of today.

Here each card is allotted an exact value and if a card pack has high value cards like 10s, cards portraying a face, Aces it increases the probability that the dealer will bust. Conversely the 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s are low value cards meaning the odds of the dealer of being victorious are more. The rule of the dealer hitting 17 or getting bust is there.

The dealer who has 15 cards in his hand and the card pack being filled with low value cards, he'll be having an edge on the player since it is not probable that he'll bust when the next cards are given. If his hand is filled with cards worth high the dealer is free to get one card having a face on it on the deal after that and goes bust. A card worth low adds a point while a card worth large minuses one point from the running counts of yours.

Cards from 2 to 6 are allotted +1. Cards from 7 to 9 are impartial or 0 Cards from 10 to Ace are -1. For a more correct count, it's easier when a larger number of cards are given. You'll hold a better edge over the dealer if the count is precise. If you practice on your own again and again using one card pack you will understand it fully. In one card pack your count will at all times conclude at zero.

Additional methods

There're a numerous further counting in the vein of 'wonging' (Black counting), Hi-Opt ii count, K.O. System.

The K.O. System, known as knockout system is one that is the most well-known. It is more or less like Hi-Lo system where cards allotted a low value (2 to 7) is allotted +1 and high value cards are assigned -1. Cards 8-9 are neutral (value is0). The difference between Hi-Lo and K.O system is the card allotted a value of 7. The players need to tax their brain heavily though the system is made to count card more simply.

Whichever method of counting cards you use it is important for you to remain tolerant and play repeatedly.

The card counting is not illegal but the casino and its manager don't take it too kindly on the person who attempts to win using this special system.

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