Blackjack is a game that it in fashion in all of the casinos whether it's in the land casinos or in one of the many internet casinos. Like poker, Blackjack's also a game that has lot of money. An expert player who is capable of getting the better of the odds in a game of blackjack might become rich in a very short period of time. This game is being played for long time now and since it is very popular many strategies of playing the game have been developed.

The player who plays the game best can decrease the advantage of the casino. The best that a player can play would depend on the casino regulations and the number of card packs used in the game. A player must be familiar with the whole collection of best possible plays that make up the basic strategy.

The method of card counting

Card counting is a method practiced by players to keep count of the cards they have already played and to figure out the cards that remain in the deck. If the player is able to figure out correctly he will have a lot of advantage. If a player is keeping count of the cards and is aware that there're many tens and aces remaining in the card pack may raise his bets because the odds of receiving a blackjack would increase.

In card counting a player does not need to keep in mind every card that has been dealt. There exists a recognized point method and the player only has to count the points when the cards are given out. Card counting benefits the player greatly in games in which the cards are dealt from one pack. In these games the player may lower the house edge to 0. In a multi pack game it may be lowered below 1%.

Casinos have started to deal cards from a shoe instead of a card pack as they have become aware that the house edge is being forfeited to players practicing card counting.

Composition dependent strategy

Players have to adopt a playing strategy the basis of the total point they have for the cards they have got and the up card of the dealer. Sometimes a player should adopt a strategy on the basis of the card they have instead of the basic strategy. A strategy of this sort in named composition dependent strategy.

A player may also keep track of cards sets instead of keeping count of cards. This is generally done in a game in which the cards are dealt from one card pack and is generally called shuffle tracking.

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